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In the mid-1990s in UCD, ‘The Blob’ serves a similar function. It is a small marble sculpture on a plinth, about waist height, located in the Arts Block. ‘The Wall’- an interior wall on the concourse that allowed perching- was another location in the Arts Block, at the Commerce end, at which Commerce students would congregate. There was a definite allegiance among the students for one or the other, but rarely would anyone ‘belong’ to both. (In my time, my friends and I would gather at the 30p coffee machine outside the shop in the library basement- but we were a contrary bunch. 😉 )
I don’t know if this still holds since Commerce got its own building.
And I don’t know if there’s an equivalent in Richview (my current home)- maybe the steps of the canteen, or the canteen itself?

A related point (though it probably doesn’t apply to the NY example) is the role of smoking in this.

Also, on crowds: have you tried Elias Canetti’s ‘Crowds and Power’? A somewhat different thrust from the Surowiecki book which, if the reviews I’ve read are anything to go by, argues that we should follow the lead of the majority.

So much for the majority- LONG LIVE THE SMOKERS!!! 😀 (“The word on the cancer ward is…”)

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