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I haven’t read the proposal sheets.
But listening on TV to the minister’s plans do not bring me to fear much.
If anything the proposals seek very meek to me.
It may be that better proposals could be made on this matter.
But the most important thing is to make a good start on the problem.

To me the main thing surely has to be this:
There are ~ 100,000 rural homes (up to late 1990s) that treat their sewage with septic tank + sump.
Even if these septic tanks were properly sized for the scale of household they serve (and few really are), they would still be ineffective for sewage/wastewater treatment — and that means that the surrounding groundwater sources are certain to be contaminated.

And it’s not only homesteads that have these archaic systems.
Go to any seaside caravan park (Maharees, Co Kerry to name just one) and smell the sewage-soaked seaweed along the nearby shore. This is the direct consequence of having septic tank sewage treatment plus heavy overloading.
This situation is environmentally scandalous and touristically brainless.
Something really has to be done.

Personally, I’d be in favour ALL septic tank + sump arrangements to be replaced as soon as is practicable by modern 3-chamber bio-treatment units. And not just those rubbishy thermoplastic ones either but rather units enclosed in a suitably durable material, e.g. steel reinforced concrete with protective coatings applied to inside surfaces.

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