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@shamrockmetro wrote:

if you dont want them to build it you should automatically support

pulling down…

Dept justice
central bank
dept of health or what ever it is called

and replacing it with something georgian……


That is an oddly mixed list: you are equating some good buildings with some bad ones, I think lots of people would like to see the Ulster Bank building go, ditto Hawkins house and what is now called the Heiniken building. The AIB building in contrast is much admired and Liberty Hall has its fans, me included. The Central Bank is a more tricky case, a fine building but inappropriately located: lots of people would prefer it had never been build but would oppose demolishing it, a consistient view, the original street scape has been lost and pulling down the building would not restore that, the building itself has its virtues and is an important relic of its time. The Clarence: well the proposed building is incoherent and bulky, inelegant bar the nice southern facade and building it would cause the loss of valuable buildings, a huge shame in a city not lacking in room for redevelopment.

I don’t know what you mean by replacing things with something Georgian, that is impossible because the Georgian times have passed: something can be built in the Georgian style or as a replica Georgian but almost no-one supports that except possible in an infill aimed at restoring a larger, significant, Georgian streetscape.

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