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All I can express is disgust. Revulsion at a pathetic decision for a PATHETIC proposal that smacks of the minnowism that permeates so many decisions that have emerged lately for specific projects in our city centre.
Any of you “big and shiny = progress” boosters check my record on here. I am not anti -new development once the context and function is correct but this is something I take as a personal affront. I suppose arrogant middle ranking career-Brits built the quays in the first place but to piss away what is ,by accident or design ,a unique urban set piece in global terms (ie the quays between Hueston and Butt bridge) is an exercise in extreme folly. Even the most deluded speculator -led illegal demolition on the D7 quays hasl not done as much psychologial damage as what we are about to have inflicted upon us.
If the Clarence wasn’t viable on its preferred busines model by Not Us Ltd they should have fucked off elsewhere downstream and built their own shangri-la. God knows there’s enough areas of the Liffey waterfront still in need of some masturbatory legacy project we can all guffaw at in years to come for its sheer audacity.

Come back SUAS ,all is forgiven! sure we’ll need a ride down to anthony gormley’s slashman when the time comes.

I’m at a loss to think of even a middle ranking English provincial shithole that would put up with such an awful proposal.

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