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Tamhlacht, I’ve been thinking a bit about you wondering about saving Tallght’s village-like quality. Maybe this is a bit of a long-shot, but Treasury Holdings, HKR, O’Mahony Pike and the like are fairly good architectural practices. They are huge with big projects world-wide, but I’m sure if you could pique their interest by saing that it would be good for their image as Irish builders that they help save Ireland’s Capital’s largest suburbs from architectural destruction.

Getting into contact with them with a checklist of what you want, you could builda civic plan where areas are identified for particular restoration, areas for specific styles of building in keeping with what went before and areas for simply a lick of paint and some flower boxes.

Once you have a good plan, I’d then recommend going to the council and seek planning permission.

I’m saying all this with the upcoming Greystones and Bray redevelopments. If you could get a plan like those together for what you need specifically in Tallaght and get it built ,then these architectural atrocities will be averted.

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