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wearnicehats wrote:
It was sad the way it all worked out for her but don’t forget that, at the time, it wasn’t a particularly feted house and it was sold on to someone else and Corb only painted a few murals on the walls. You could argue that it was in a pique of jealousy or you could argue that he was using an influential client to flog his own wares. It’s a pity he didn’t do it more on his own blandness.

I find all that designing everything down to the doorknobs a bit overwhelming. I did like some of her furniture though – the black and chrome sofa]
She wasn’t told the house was for sale and Corbusier also put those huts in the backgarden which horrified her. The house design was also wrongly attributed to him in several publications and based on the programme it seems he did nothing to correct that.

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