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Which is why it’s rather interesting that she despised such an over-designed and tailored new-build house, executed from scratch to the last detail, while then going on to design numerous highly engineered houses of architectural pretension herself. Perhaps it was just the stodgy textbook mock-Tudor regurgitation she disliked – and what person wouldn’t be sad at the loss of their childhood home, especially such an unassuming characterful pile.

Above all else it was her thinking on what home should be that shone through in this programme (clearly made for an international audience too) – certainly a softer, more palatable approach than le Cor. Oddly we got little information about her own apartment in Paris – it seems to have been a standard rambling affair. Does one require a breather from the excesses of early modernism?

Agreed about the transforming table, wearnicehats – what a piece 🙂

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