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I agree, thebig C. I’ve done a bit of work over in Sandyford since the crash and one of the things holding back the area is the unfinished buildings pictured here. They give a very gloomy and failed air to the place which is unfair considering some of Ireland’s best and most dynamic businesses operate there and generate millions in activity. Even if the buildings were just glazed and left idle it would be an improvement. Officeworkers would then not be assaulted by the brutal starkness of exposed concrete. An example which Sandyford should emulate is the mothballed apartment scheme in the vicinity of Islandbridge. There are about 7 finished apartment blocks there with approximately 0 inhabitants but because they have been finished off (minus fit-outs) they do not detract from the visual amenity of the area and stand ready for immediate occupation if and when conditions improve. NAMA should give a few million to the developers to put a bit of glass around these edifices and finish them off. If they can then sell the completed real estate, well and good, if they can’t, at least it’s not an eye-sore.

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