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Apologises for the writing fellows. It is once in a very blue moon, I sit down to write anything of value these days. But I think it is worth looking at the main figures in architecture now and again. In order to try and understand how the world and its inhabitants view themselves and their planet. To speculate on how times are changing, what opportunities or obstacles may lie ahead. Otherwise, the world passes your whole generation by and leaves you there in some dusty old historical chronicle. I have put together some of my observations on Glenn Murcutt here:

I find it fascinating that in such a short space of time here in Ireland, we have gone from the architecture of Sam Stephenson, to almost the other end of the spectrum, where Glenn Murcutt is invited here to Ireland to become a visting professor. That is a real culture shock for myself and many others. Back in the 1990s, when Murcutt’s projects first appeared in architectural publications I became interested in the man. But back then I was possibly one of a dozen or so Irish people who had even heard of Murcutt. It is like rock bands, when they become popular, I guess everyone wishes to jump on the bandwagon. Many people who have no appreciation of sustainability or where it all came from. Sam Stephenson is part of a different tradition, so I have tried to trace where Sam was coming from. In order to directly compare these two giant identities in Irish Architecture.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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