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Just re-reading some of this thread again, I should mention a line that our urbanism lecturer used to describe cities: No matter how hard you try and destroy them, you never quite manage to kill a city. I guess there is something inherent in the city organisation or manifestation that is just beyond the reach of mere human beings to destroy. What this Sam Stephenson thread has highlighted for me, more than anything, is that theme. That cities are resilient, and hard to stamp out. Even look at New Orleans, and the plans to re-build something washed away in a flood. So even natural disasters, even caused by global climate change as a result of the living style of modern man, cannot completely wipe a city off the map. It is worth bearing in mind too, the city of Chicago where the steel skyscraper was effectively born after the great fire. And in NYC at ground zero again, we see this continual theme of the city being re-built and re-born.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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