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Indeed – as one visitor to the hotel on a website put it:

“It is not easy to get past the fact that it is a former mental institution. It looks like a cross between a castle and a prison. In the public spaces it has a modern, airy feel. The carpet was noteworthy because the design was of two half-circles that did not meet up. So it was meant to look designer-trendy, but in the mental institution context, it made one surmise that inmates made it. There were also two very small rooms on either side of the front doors that laughingly made us think of rubber rooms. Probably not fair, because they had nice chairs in them, but, again, it comes with the mental institution tradition.”

All the reviews of the hotel are typical for the average Irish four-star – ‘wonderful’ if staying in a suite, ‘nothing special’ if a standard room 🙂

Thanks for that story Bago – most interesting.

A bizarre looking building, disjointed and confusing, with a mixture of styles and differing levels of quality. Hence it will come as no surprise that it was designed by William Deane Butler 🙂 – otherwise known as the mind behind Connolly Station.

Picturesque in parts:

And plainly bizarre in others…

A wider view:

Those watchtowers completely freak me out – wouldn’t stay there if you paid me.

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