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@dc3 wrote:

I stayed here recently.
I noticed that the street is called “Clarion Road” now. Anybody recall what it was before?
By the way my first time back in Sligo for many years, while there is much new building a lot of it is not of the type likely to wear well. Even at the weekend, the traffic was painfully slow, the signage fairly dire for a tourist place.

It was originally called Asylum Road if memory serves me correct. Probably not a bad idea to change the name although I don’t like the ‘corporatization’ of a street name. Given the many scenic features in the general area, it could have been called something a little more in keeping with the topography of the locality. Oddly enough, in the madness of its heyday, the asylum was often referred to by locals as ‘The Leitrim Hotel’, so perhaps its change of usage hasn’t been as dramatic as one might initially think.:)

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