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From an ecomic perspective the NBA made perfect sense when private practices were quoting super crazy prices to politely disuade instructions to ensure their staff got roughly 4 hours each evening to go home to eat, shower and sleep.

Clearly the private sector is a lot leaner, hungrier and under utilised than it was 5 years ago. The NBA should be privatised and shouold have to compete with that part of the tax base that paid for its inception but is now crippled by its very existence. One would hope to see far more Fumbally Lane type collectives springing up to win this type of work. Unlike white elephant Metro’s building and or renovating dilapidated schools and health centres is highly labour intensive at every stage of the process from survey to design to construct to snag and the skills are out there and on the construction side already costing the government money…..

Let the dail architect lead the way on this….

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