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@Peter Fitz wrote:

Couldn’t believe it myself. Why purchase this type of property only to disembowel not just its interior, but absolutely everything, save a few bricks to the front…


now hold on a minute here. We’re in danger of losing the plot. Firstly – I didn’t see the programme because I think DB is a tool but, that aside, there’s a difference between someone who should know better not doing so and an innocent homeowner wanting to create more space

Peter – people buy what they can afford. If they aspire to extend then good on them. Nothing wrong with an extension – without them the AAI would have no awards to give out. Graham’s issue is – I hope – the missed opportunity of informing people of the intrinsic value of what they have.

The loss of the period detailing is indeed a terrible shame, as are the windows shocking. But don’t be so arrogant to think that someone who has bought a house can’t knock the arse out of the back of it.

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