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@StephenC wrote:

Is it really! I certainly never noticed that. Chain stores abound in Dublin (as they do most elsewhere these days) I actually think the indigenous range of stores in Dublin is very low and always has been since I can remember. Perhaps you could point out good examples of areas/streets “awash” with shops.

talbot street , francis street , johnson court, temple bar.

complaining about chain stores seems a bit trite to me really. the americans complain that we steal their jobs with lows taxes.

there are swings and roundabouts to globalisation. switzers never made dublin , it is the other way around.

in changing from roches to debenahms the change is simply in the name.

there are only so many ways to sell chinese tshirts and shoes. It would be different if roches made their own clothes.

while the pharmacy on grafton street went , the little one at the end of westland row ihasnt. and as far as i now still makes the same tonic which joyce wrote about a century ago.

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