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@a boyle wrote:

i could never understand this sentimentality. As long as the companies are willing build appriate fronts and appropriate signage , what is in a name?

Just because it says debenhams, it is still worked by irsh people. This is not dublin turning into some english city , it’s dublin turning into an international city, where global brands sit alongside local ones.

It is not as if roches was making it own clothing so what difference does it make.

You don’t see people crying over eircell becoming vodafone.

It is a bit sad but it not a big deal.

I would have a tendancy to agree, but if the profits arenot staying in ireland then i think it is a problem.

These global brands (not sure debenams would be called that) are making one town indistinguishable from another. usa and britain especially. Outskirts of the towns those big box stores (walmart) sucking the life out of the main streets. Im a firm believer in the free market, but here in new york the ‘free market capitalist’ capital
of the world they have managed to keep walmart out of the 5 boroughs, on the grounds that it would kill off a lot of indendant ‘mom and pop’ stores

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