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Hi Niall,

How exactly is administration for the roads network organised in the Republic? Would I be right in thinking that national routes – including motorways – come under the control of the Department of Transport and the National Roads Authority?

If county councils and the Department of the Environment are failing in their remit maybe a start would be to transfer their responsibilities to the DoT/NRA. It would also seem logical to have one authority with sole responsibility for the road network. Think of the cost savings and improvements in efficiency etc. Surely common sense alone dictates that there’s something wrong when the lions share of the road transport system isn’t managed by the Department of Transport.

I’m no fan of centralisation but when county councils are clearly failing in their duties then there should be a change. The somewhat better performing NRA could hardly do a worse job.

I should add at this point that I’m in no way claiming that signage up here is perfect – indeed it’s anything but. However, it’s not bad by international standards. The problem down south is that signage is often woeful, arguably the worst I’ve encountered having driven quite a bit across the UK/Europe. So clearly something is very wrong.

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