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A student just out of college is, in reality, of little or no use in the current climate to a company like that. What they need is experienced staff who are currently “at leisure” but, as above, 50 bucks ain’t gonna do it. €50 is a decoy.
What happens, therefore, is that a company such as RKD, through FAS, agree to pay an experienced person €x00 a week.

But the whole internship idea has always been purely aimed at recent graduates, just to give their resumés a lick of experience, isn’t it ?
There is no sense in subsidising salaries of seasoned architects : otherwise every other sector would then demand the same degree of subsidy and that isn’t on.
Subsidising experienced staff pay would also serve to accelerate the existing trend of strong firms outcompeting the weaker ones for whatever work was there — you could say goodbye to the 1/2 person practice under this scheme.

Oh, let’s forget all this and dream of castles in the air.

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