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@hutton wrote:

Rofl šŸ˜€ I love it…Where did get that description from, TP, its excellent! Says what it does on the tin, unlike the more innocuious “one-off” description šŸ˜€

Maybe from now on such units can be refferred to as “Singular Rural Commuting Residence” – or SRCRs for short:p

It just seemed an appropriate description for what Lord Noel may have on his doorstep; PP granted and site sold to a couple with 2.3 kids from Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway where dad leaves at 0645 to beat the traffic opening both sets of gates and slamming each one as he is in a hurry.

Followed by mum at 0815 driving the kids off to school before heading into the office in the local town repeated at 1715 as mum picks up the kids from the local childminder who lives in a terraced Victorian House in the town and whose own children grew up 20 years ago and are in Boston with their TCD degrees. Mum is followed home by dad at 1930 who has arrived home after a hard day in the office and is fit for his dinner and bed.

Mum having two roles as tax payer and home maker is too wrecked for social interaction with the charming Lord Noel who derives the gate banging as the only real audio interaction.

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