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Might just be a case whereby they decided that the development was not worthy of being dragged through the enforcement procedure, and having considered the outcome of the retention application, it was deemed counter-productive to pursue the matter…

Now that’s interesting alonso. As far as I am aware though at no stage did the local authority make this aspect clear. All they said was that they had every intention of proceeding with the enforcement. How could this be deemed to be counter-productive?
One final thing, the reason that I obtained the information I did from the local authority is because I sent a letter of complaint regarding numerous administration inaccuricies in the planning file and now upon reading the planning legislation you posted I discover as I made a submission I may have been entitled to receive notification of their decision to withdraw the enforcement notice, that is something I never received. Should I have?

(11) (a) A planning authority may for stated reasons by notice in
writing to any person served with the notice, and, where
appropriate, any person who made a representation
under section 152(1)(a), withdraw an enforcement notice
served under this section.

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