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hi alonso,

Thanks for the quick reply, I have done a searches on the net for information on where to get legal advice specific to planning law, however I have been unable to source any. Would you be in a position to provide any links/contact.

Another quick question,
There are two properties being built on the property to the rear of my parents, one has planning permission and one not. I have been looking at the elevations / plans for the one with planning permission and have noticed that the dwelling that has been built does not conform with the plan, basically the plan has 5 second story windows, and a conservertory extension to the left of the property where as ithe dwelling built has 4 second story the conservatory to the right of the dwelling.
Q. Do the planning authoraties visit the constructed dwelling after completion to ensure that it is built as stated in the plan.

Again any help would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

(I am actually writing on behalf of my parents who at this stage has nearly put themselves in a early grave with frustration and annoyance.)

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