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no need for (substantiated) threats.

Retracted. Fair point. Should have been one of these after 😉 It was meant as a lighthearted Father Ted-like threat(!?)


Very fair assessment, I should clarify I meant by “Who else is actually fighting the battle for heritage in this country?” I meant nationally, there are hundreds of community groups and individuals who do so much.

Another solution would be to put in place a some kind of umbrella group, under which all shades of heritage opinion, from militant ATs on one side to gentle academics on the other, can feel comfortable and useful. A conference once or twice a year could be convened to review progress, re-energise the troops and hammer out strategies for elevating heritage to the position we all know that it should have.

I agree. Irish Environmental Network works well in this regard, can you see such a broad-church organisation for the built environment? I’d like to explore this further. Archiseek beers?? When and where?? Heritage pub?

Legalese is the lowest form of argument. We will never communicate the value of heritage to the broader community if we rely of the footnotes of zoning objectives to win planning battles.

In the interim however, the legal argument is often the only resource when it is frankly the broader community that doesn’t give it a thought until it is too late. Boiled Frog syndrome.

Take for instance 16 Moore Street – the endless struggle to have the importance of that site recognised and fully protected and yet today, despite all the publicity, education, protesting, interviews, reports, surveys, oral hearings, questions in council, scandals.

Today it is in serious danger of eventually being condemned by neglect. And that sums up how important we as a nation take our heritage. If you don’t like that example, insert another or another, you know that its a story repeated up and down this country.

You might not be aware, but An Taisce were recently asked to appear before a Joint Committee on the Environment. The debates makes for interesting reading … I leave you with that for now…

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