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The fact Dunnes have two outlets in close proximity in Cork City is perfectly standard and is common around the world. The two outlets serve (at the moment) wildly different purposes. The redevelopment of its Patrick Street store and surrounding space will see the company push its image into the realms of Roches and Debenhams- with whom it really wants to compete, not its historical competitor Quinnsworth/Tesco.

So, as one Cork retail giant makes even more progress, another looks set to disappear from the retail scene, and our major cities for good. Media reports this morning suggest that Debenhams are almost certain to acquire the lease of all of Roches Stores properties. This includes prime department stores in Waterford, Cork and Limerick amongst others.
Roches move out of retail has been on the cards for many years, with the stores now merely a collection of individual third party retailers such as Topman, Pull and Bear, etc. ‘Roches’ has for a good many years been just a name over the door.

Its unfortunate that another Irish Retail giant is to dissapear and it is also unfortunate that Patrick Street will become further cleansed of any link to Cork’s retail past. It makes the realisation of Dunnes’ Patrick Street development even more important.

Its a pity to lose the indidgenous Cork retailers from our main streets as Dublin could now be Nottingham or Leeds with its “High” street Uk rertailers.We have very little in Cork city to attract tourists and a unique streetscape with local retailers is always something worth having.Roches move must have been on the cards for a long time as their Wilton store is stuck in 1978 !

Personally I think that there are way too many Dunnes Stores around Cork.Asuperquin or a few more M&S would be a nice change.

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