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Sorry I can’t help with company listings for Dublin, I’m sure others can – there’s certainly many of them around nowadays.

But do hold onto the glass – so often people go to all the expense and effort to get the sashes restored, or replaced if necessary, all with the best intentions, but then get new glass put into the sashes.
The original glass is half the charm of original windows; they literally lose their soul with flawless mirrors of modern glass inserted in the originals’ place.

As for the rotting bottom rail – that’s probably the most common feature of deterioration with sash windows, and is usually not indicative of widespread rot. Normally the bottom rail is simply taken out and a new timber spliced into place.
And if the years of paint have caused a problem with causing the windows to stick, they’ve probably saved you from another by protecting the wood beneath!

Hope it goes well for you 🙂

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