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Does anyone know or can recommend sash window restoration/replacement company that will cover North County Dublin? We have three sash windows on our stone cottage (c. 1905), which need either restoring or replacing.

I am unsure how bad they have to be before they must be replaced?

Windows are 6 over 6, have no weights/pulley visible (must have been ripped out), and we can’t open them.. due to years of over painting I should think. One pane is cracked but the rest look ok. There’s some small amount of wood rotting at the bottom of one of the windows as far as I can see.. though difficult to tell how bad the windows are underneath all the paint. They still keep out the wind and rain though!.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks

Have you found a company yet. I have a small business in that field. Feel free to call me 087 2867208 – Kenneth Connor

Paste the link below to view some of our work

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