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cheezypuf, can I ask why you are going about commissioning new cylinder glass for your windows? Surely the entire charm of original glass is that it is original – its flaws and imperfections the result of contemporary manufacturing limitations. Why would you want to falsely recreate that? Similarly, if I wanted to ‘read’ your building and be charmed by the integrity of its flashing panes of 19th century glass amongst the modern inserts, I would be sorely disappointed.

I’ve never quite understood why people would go to such effort to deceive in the installation of fake old glass. It’s akin to eschewing modern transportation and bringing all the building materials to your house on a horse and cart.

A couple of the windows had glass replaced over the years. The old putty wasn’t cleared out properly and was left partially intact, and a new smaller pane was inserted, with more putty on top of the old. This was a pretty sloppy way to repair a window and has resulted in the glass being too small for the original frame when the layers of putty have been removed. As a result new glass will be needed anyway, so I thought glass that resembled the other (original) panes would be nice. Glass that isn’t damaged or too small isn’t being replaced.

I’m sorry that you find this sorely disappointing, but I’m doing my best to use the same materials and methods that were used when the windows were originally constructed. To this end, any replacement timber used is the same type as that removed, i.e. pitch pine. This has added to the expense, but I don’t think adding in pressure-treated deal, silicone filler or plastic beading would be very sensitive.

I’m not sure I agree with your analogy of a horse and cart. I think I’d prefer to use the example of someone with a period house choosing shades and types of paint that were available at the time the house was built, rather than modern hues and finishes.

I’m not sure if there is a right answer – perhaps it comes down to taste (or lack thereof)?

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