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@S.O.S. wrote:

Remove the sashes from the frame,
Remove old pulleys,
Strip the paint from the frame,
Install new pulleys.
Remove excess paint from the sashes,
make a groove in the top of the bottom sash to allow a pile carrier to be installed for draught proofing.
weight the top sash then install it.
cut and install parting beads with no draught brushes showing.
Weigh the bottom sash then install.
Cut staff beads to length.
Attach ring pulls, lifters and fasteners

Small window €800 on average
Big windows €900 on average

larger orders are less.

If you do all that I do to windows you won’t get 4/6 windows done in a day.

@Pot Noodle wrote:

You may drag it out to justifie €800 a window we just get stuck in the days of ripping people off is long gone value for money now

Your English is appalling.

Can you write properly so every one can understand what you are saying.

However if I read you correctly you are accusing me of ripping people off. That’s a bit rich since you don’t even know how long it takes to restore a window properly.

@cheezypuf wrote:

I really don’t see how anyone could claim to restore six sash windows in a day and do anything like a proper job.

You are correct it’s not possible to do a proper job in such a short time.

@cheezypuf wrote:

I’m talking about proper restoration though, not patching them up with plastic bits.

As a minimum a restored window will need a printer, undercoat and gloss. How do you manage to get all three coats on and dry in one day, and on six windows? Not to mention replacing damaged timber, replacing cords, rehanging weights, removing old puty, waiting a month for the puty to dry before painting, etc?

I think we have superman in our presence…

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