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Pot Noodle

@S.O.S. wrote:

I note you have not compared prices nor have denied that restoration is not what Bolgers do anymore.

I had a good look at the website and note they talk a lot about conservation but isn’t conservation is where you keep the old ones in place not throw them out onto a skip or whatever.

Restoration is where you repair the damaged ones and get them back to a sparkling state, this is what I do and very well too:D

I’ve always thought that grants should be available for restoration not for ripping out perfectly good windows and replacing them with sashes that any joinery could make, Bolgers or otherwise.

I also note that you have not understood what I was talking about when I spoke about using plastic parting beads, What I meant was when it expands it splits the side of the frame.

Its getting harder and harder to make ends meet isn’t it….

€ 800 a window are you having a laugh

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