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Pot Noodle

@S.O.S. wrote:

I’m well aware of who Bolgers/Ventrolla are and having seen some of their work I have to say as a seasoned craftsman/ window restorer I’m not impressed.

I even understand they now use plastic parting beads, I would have thought the bigwigs in Bolgers should know that plastic expands at a far greater rate than wood and will cause it to split.

If your quote for getting the windows draught-proofed using wooden parting beads and wooden staff beads (matched to the originals), using the best of fittings, re-balanced, and a totally smooth operation is more than €800 then thanks but no thanks.

I’ll just have to keep on doing it for my customers like I always do.

Eh Hello seasoned window restorer we use a wooden parting bead with a neoprene draught excluder so it does’nt crack if overpainted and in my 28 yrs of doing this i don’t take kindly to your innuendos

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