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This is from St. Catherine’s Review.

“Father Richard Vosko, Ph.D., a priest of the Diocese of Albany, has been making a comfortable living for the past 29 years, travelling the United States and Canada—parish by parish—promoting his liturgical indoctrination program for the renovation of traditional Catholic churches as well as for the design of new Catholic churches.

He bills himself as a “Designer and Consultant for Worship Environments,” and teaches in a Chicago-based training program for the certification of new consultants.

According to a self-promotional “A Short Biography” that he provides to parishes he is “trained in liturgy, the fine arts, and adult education. His research interest has to do with the impact of the built environment on adult behavior patterns.”

Not an architect
Although he often gives the air of being a professional architect, he is not. The materials he prepares for parish renovation teams, according to architect William J. Miller of Cincinnati, Oh., “clearly appear to be the kind of material that constitutes a portion of architectural service called ‘design programming.’”

Vosko, emphasizes Miller, is not a registered architect. “In effect such acts would seem to constitute the illegal practice of architecture in general appearance.”

Miller, who met Vosko at an indoctrination session for St. John the Baptist Church in Harrison, Ohio, raises an interesting point: “For a contract to be legal and binding it must, among other requirements, be for something legal.

In effect a contract for something that is not legal is not binding and enforceable. If a parish, after witnessing Vosko’s presentations and upon hearing his recommendations, decided not to pay him, he has no basis in law to collect since he is not licensed to provide the service he renders.”

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