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More news from the Pugin Foundation in Tasmania:

8 August 2010. Environs reinstatement at Colebrook.

Further reinstatement of the historic environs of St Patrick’s, Colebrook, has been accomplished with the planting of an additional nine trees within the churchyard. These trees are of the same type and in the same locations as those visible in early 1890s photographs of the church. They include poplars, pencil pines, a cork oak, an English elm and a cedar of Lebanon. All trees have been donated by our Friends of Pugin. The plantings will not reinstate the entire 1890s tree complement because of the need to preserve views of the church from Colebrook village. A pear and two apple trees were already planted in their original locations two years ago.

22 August 2010. Colebrook conservation works re-started.

A start has been made on the next phase of the conservation works at St Patrick’s, Colebrook. The carpet in the nave and aisles is being removed and the original wooden floor carefully remediated. This includes the painstaking removal of glue which had been used to stick the carpet down in the 1970s. After cleaning, the floor will be waxed and carpet runners installed between the west door and the rood screen, and between the north porch door and the central aisle. The chancel floor was similarly remediated several years ago.

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