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Yikes 😮

Just how long after the restoration did this gunge appear?. . Has it gotten much worse?


We are now in the happy position of being able to identify with accuracy the terminus a quo for the problems besetting the stone work at Cobh Cathedral. It cannot be earlier than 1991.

The Carrig Report, comissioned by the “Restoration” Committee and paid for by a grant from the Heritage Council, states teh following: “1991: A comprehensive conditin survey of the Cathedral was undertaken by architects Boyd Barrett Murphy-O’Connor, with David Slattery as Historic Building Consultant”.

“1992: Repointing of the upper levels was carried out as part of this phase of work in order to make use of the scaffolding, as was replacement of the storm glazing at this level with 6mm Georgian wire glass.

“1993-1994: Phase 2 begins which includes lightening protection works, works to the steeple, repointing, cleanimg and repair works to the balance of the stonework, remedial work to the steelwork in belfry, work to the cut stone turrets, repairs to the stained glass and storm glazing
The rose window to the west gable was taken out, repaired and refitted and some mortar reparirs carried out to this area”.

And, presumably, for all of this “conservation” work, the consultant architect was David Slattery – including the installation of acres of 6 mm Georaian wire glass.

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