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@Praxiteles wrote:

St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Co. Cork

In the same period, 377,190 euro was spend on works to th Cathedral – presumably to stop the water coming in as a result of the “restoration” being pursued by the Trust. This left the Trust with a negative situation in the amount of 239, 154 euro which was subvented from reserves.

Bearing in mind that the report commissioned for the Heritage Council states that some 1 million will have to be spent simply to make the building waterproof after the botched restoration Praxiteles is beginning to see a red coloured horizon – especially as the general population in Cork at present would not subscribe much to an appeal after the last run around the got.

What a mess . .Just how do they intend to proceed with the ‘restoration’ without adequate funding?
Surely the first issue on the agenda would be to get the building properly watertight . .And in the current climate that could be achieved I’m sure for much less than the million quoted above. . Scaffolding which I’m figuring would be a major cost factor to the repairs (50% is often not unusual) is lying idle all across the country & can be hired very cheaply. I was on a project recently where the full interior of a church was scaffolded out right up to the rafters for the duration of the project & the only charge to the parish was for the labour costs associated with the assembly & dis-assembly of the scaffold . .Deals can definitely be got on this . .They can do better.

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