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@Praxiteles wrote:

Is this the same church on which ABP refused a smilar plan in 2007? If I am not mistaken, Waterford City Council even obliged by removing the church from the list of protected structures.

The case history is here:

A few insights of interest from that report Praxiteles . .

Five existing stained glass windows are to be removed and relocated elsewhere on the
site. The new location is not known or identified on the plans1.

But . .

1 Documentation submitted to the planning authority in support of the removal of the church from the RPS, indicated that they (The stained glass windows) would be used in the glazed sacristy wall. Drawings submitted with the application indicated that this wall will be provided as double glazing, however.


The removal of the church from the record of protected structures was done against
technical advice and was done after lodgement of the application.

And . .

There are suggestions in internal planning authority reports to the possibility that the architect, A.W.N. Pugin,designed the entrance porch.
Similarly, there is reference to the construction of the main
body of the church in the early 19th century rather than the 1870’s as identified in the
NIAH, which date refers to the construction of the entrance porch.
The church was a protected structure until its deletion from the RPS in June 2006,
contrary to technical advice in this regard. Documentation available in relation to the
decision to remove its protected status suggests that the decision was taken to allow the
extension / demolition of the structure to provide additional capacity. It does not appear
that consideration was given as to whether the protection of the structure was warranted
any longer. Notwithstanding comments by the third parties, this report is not the
appropriate forum to examine the process undertaken in removing the structure from the

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