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Tom O’Brien Construction Ltd has commenced work on St Mary’s Church in Ballygunner. The work will consist of alterations and restorations to the existing church including extensions to the South and East wings that will increase the seating capacity from 213 to 419. Currently the existing church is too small for many functions due to the fast growing population of the parish.

The church was originally constructed in the 1820’s on the site of the older thatched chapel. An extract from the Parochial History of Waterford and Lismore dated December 1912 stated that “The Church of Ballygunner is cruciform in plan, small in size and plain in style and has always been regarded as a model country church”. Although works have taken place over the years, the facilities needed to be modernised. The Architect, Tritschler Tritschler & Associates will however maintain the integrity of the existing building by minimising demolition works and restoring many of the existing historical features.

Martin Tritschler believes that the proposed works “will provide a modern, comfortable place of worship for the people of the parish of St. Joesph’s, St Benildus and St Mary’s Ballygunner, while at the same time retaining some historical features of the original church.”

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