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More on St.Saviors plagiarized by me from here
Reading through the whole article you cant help but notice a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the wreckage done at St.Saviors by Hurley & Co. .by whoever wrote it. . Be it a very subtle tinge of resentfulness or disapproval in tone.


The church in recent years Much has changed in the interior of the church in recent decades. In response to the liturgical reforms called for after the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church, the sanctuary area of the building was drastically re-modelled under distinguished architect Richard Hurley. Practically everything of the old altars and the associated decoration was removed and the sanctuary extended.

The tabernacle and the crucifix suspended over the main altar are the work of the late Br. Benedict Tutty OSB (a monk of Glenstal, Limerick, Ireland) who died in 1996. Ray Carroll (died 1995) carved the tabernacle pillar.

Above the stalls in the apse (below the windows) is a piece by Irish artist, Patrick Pye. It is entitled “The Path of the Lamb” and depicts various scenes around the central mystery of the Christian faith: the Paschal Mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. It is appropriate that an artistic representation of the events of this mystery be present in a central position in the church. The sacramental celebration of the Paschal Mystery, the Eucharist (Mass), is celebrated here on every day of the year with two exceptions: Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

In the apse of the church, the original choir stalls (seating 28) remain. These had been hidden behind the church’s original high altar and the area formed a mini-chapel for the singing of the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, etc.) by the Dominican friars. The choir had not been a part of the main body of the church until the 1970s. The long sanctuary is now used by the friars for these liturgies.

An almighty & holy unnecessary act of wanton destruction on one of J.J. McCarthy’s finest ever churches. . I wonder how those responsible who are still with us, cannot look back at what they achieved here & not hang their heads in shame.

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