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@onq wrote:

Perhaps thats why its the fastest growing religion in the world.

It’s not though – Christianity (taken as a whole) is growing fastest in terms of numbers. Due to high numbers of conversions, especially in Asia. In percentage terms, the smaller religions are growing fastest (since it easier to go from 1 to 2 than from 1 billion to 2 billion). Due to its predominance in poor countries, Islam does have high birth rates associated with it though.

Well of course Islam has very strick directives when it comes to building Mosques as a result of which they are immediately identifiable no matter where they are built. here could be a point in that that could be well assimilated.

It doesn’t have strict directives. It also depends on the sect. Prayer rooms are supposed to be aligned with Mecca, more Wahhabist influenced places will be stricter on no imagery (and I might add, have destroyed a huge number of ancient decorated mosques in the Balkans because they do not conform with their views); Most will try to build a minaret if they can get away with it (but it’s not required), as advertising, a show of dominance, and to do calls to prayer (like churches with spires and bells) and most- but not all- sects try to separate male and female. That’s about it – there are no more than those of say a baptist church (which have very few actual requirements).

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