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@Praxiteles wrote:

As for the reinstatement of the alter rail, this goes against current church practice.

Well, now, where did we ever get that notion from? Can we please cite any of the documents of the Second Vatican Council eliminating altar rails or indeed any of the subsequent disicplinary material eliminating altar rails?

As we’ve seen from the lax response and cover ups in the church to date, catholic church disciplinary material seems to be in short supply.

I’m sure it gets up the noses of the Holy Joes and those who feel they just HAVE to get on their knees in front of a priest, but in Ireland at least people accept communion standing up into their hands as opposed to letting the priest place the host on their tongue.

I felt the loss of the alter rails myself for a while having been an ardent churchgoer in my youth and more recently, but all in all when you see the young occupying the altar in the children’s masses, its a far cry from the fear and trepidation felt by older generations, without which pedophile priests could not have plied their trade for so long, or so deeply scar this country.

At the end of the day rails are barriers – a crutch for the weak-minded who like to set themselves above their fellow man, and all too often the delusional nature of much of human existence transposes the respect shown to God by persons kneeling into the respect priests feel that is owed to them.

Requiring the reinstatement of altar rails [a physical things designed to support a pivotal moment in the mass] is history in the practice of catholicism in many Irish churches today – in all the churches I have attended in the past ten years or so.

It seems like when people misunderstand the nature of a church resting in the form of the building, as opposed to its sanctification by holy blessing, ritual and church practices.

Better the rails should go and stay gone, and the ritual move to include children in a positive, enabling way to help develop real future vocations for the church, as opposed to those of yore, when you went into the Gardaí, the Civil Service or the Priesthood if you wanted a well-paid job – a career move that seems not to have really suited some and consequentely damaged many.


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