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@gunter wrote:

I respect your passion for this subject Praxiteles and I share your deep misgivings about what some practitioners in ‘the modern idiom’, as you put it, have succeeded in passing off as iconic architecture, but yes I am completely certain that there is another way, that’s why I would like you to be more understanding of the efforts made in examples like the ‘Church of the Autostrada’, [dispatched rather than discussed, above] . . . for example.

I accept that the overall package at ‘Autostrada’ is crude and artless, but to me there’s enough in that interior view to suggest that a new architecture of complexity and craft was within our reach if we hadn’t lost our nerve and yielded the field to the grain-silo merchants on the one hand and the proud-to-be-a-reproducin’ brigade on the other.

Maybe plonking a stage version of a medieval Burgundian monastry in the middle of Wyoming is not an absurd notion in the deeper recesses of the religious world – where perhaps the suspension of disbelieve is an entry requirement – but I’m going to be straight with you, . . . . it looks a small bit odd from here.


I think we are at cross-purposes. The Rostrevor tentative was posted precisely to highlight and illustrate the other end of the spectrum that begins (or perhaps ends) with Wyoming.

My question is where is the alternative bewteen these? There must be one butit requires a little thinking beyond the box to happen upon it.

Concerning the Chiesa dell’autostrada, Praxiteles recalls that from the Wikipedia (Italian) link posted on the same, since the day it was built there has not been a universal acclaim of the structure among the Italian architectural “community”, as they say nowadays.

Recalling that the comments posted, these referred primarily to the interior, Praxiteles would of course agree that from a technical and engineering point of view this is high quality matrial. However, from a theological and liturgical point of view the interior space is unfocused and confused. This is not the only example of such a disconnect between disciplines.

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