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@Praxiteles wrote:

An article from the Wall Street Journal on the work of Duncan Stroik published on 18 March 2010:


. . . . Duncan Stroik, a 48-year-old, Yale-educated professor at Notre Dame’s architecture school . . . . has labored long and hard to reconnect Catholic artistic patronage with its ancient heritage.

Tireless labouring . . . or shameless plundering of architecture’s back catalogue? :rolleyes:

Speaking of which, that High Altar at the church of San Paolo Fuori Mura in Rome, posted by Praxiteles, looks a tad familiar.

the original 13th century gothic alter canopy on the left and the gothic revival Albert memorial on the right.

Apparently there was controversy at the time [1860s] over the Albert Memorial, because of the similarities in the design to that of the Albert Memorial in Manchester.

However, writing in his Recollections, the architect George Gilbert Scott suggested his own design was original:

“My idea in designing the Memorial was to erect a kind of ciborium to protect a statue of the Prince; and its special characteristic was that the ciborium was designed in some degree on the principles of the ancient shrines. These shrines were models of imaginary buildings, such as had never in reality been erected; and my idea was to realise one of these imaginary structures with its precious materials, its inlaying, its enamels, etc. etc. … this was an idea so new as to provoke much opposition.”

Yeah right :rolleyes:

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