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The design on the sanctuary floor mosaic is quite similar to that on the sanctuary floor in Cobh Cathedral. Was it designed by Ashlin? As far as I’m aware Ashlin only done external works on the Portico but I’ll try & find out more about that.

Rumors abound that the limestone columns are beyond repair & are apparently not needed to support a new roof..Is this even possible?

I’m sure its possible, but the impact would be terrible – something like what happened to the parish church in Dingle, except on a much larger scale. This must not happen! whatever else they do to St Mels, the restoration of the pillars and ceiling are the most essential elements of any restoration.

Can anyone suggest a decent architect the Bishop could work with?

If anything were to be changed.. possibly, the apse could be redesigned to include windows, always thought the place would look so much better if that were the case. Apparently, the original design was a compromise due to the bishop’s ambitious plans for a grandiose residence behind the apse (which was never used for anything other than choir rooms and the museum). In some ways that block at the east end may have been the cathedral’s achille’s heel. Think about any other Irish cathedral, if the sacristy went on fire, the structure is usually so separate from the main body of the church, that the complete devastation we have witnessed in Longford would probably be much less likely..

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