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Mr. Richard Hurley, whose work has featured prominently on this thread wrote a report for An Bord Pleanala on behalf of The Arts Council. The Bord had requested this report. What is interesting is what Mr. Hurley says in the context of liturgical requirement: “While it is not essential to change, it is desirable” (see Attached)

This, of course, is what FOSCC has been saying from the beginning, that the proposed changes are a ‘preference’ or a ‘desire’ on the part of BIshop Magee and a small number of his clergy and that they cannot be described as ‘liturgically required‘ as they have tried to make out. And, therefore, as St. Colman’s is such an important building in the Irish context, the irreversible and radical destruction of the fabric that is proposed, should not be allowed merely because it is ‘desired’.

In Midleton during the oral hearing, when Mr. Hurley’s contribution was mentioned the spokesman for the applicants said ” Do you realise that Mr. Hurley was in competition [with Prof. O’Neill and others] for the job of re-ordering the Cathedral”, ergo his contribution can be discounted as ‘pique ‘.

It is truly amazing how the Trustees of St. Colman’s and their agents can discount every and all opposition as either personal attacks on themselves, or motivated by the baser emotions, and never ever actually address the arguments put up against the proposals.

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