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@samuel j wrote:

Something we all knew, glad that at last this is being recommended officially.:)
As to the muppets who did not complete the last job, should they not be sued and try to get some compensation to go towards the work that now has to be re-done.:mad:


Saying that this is officially recommended is perhaps un peu de trop. The recommendation is made by TKB consultants in their Conservation Management Report which was commissioned, it would seem, largely for the formal purposes of obtaining further monies from the Heritage Council. In that respect, the objective was fully met in that the Heritage Council sees no difficulty at all in dishing out public monies to an incompetent outfit such as Cobh Cathedral Restoration Committee without any degree of follow up to ensure that public monies have been well spent. his time around, the Heritage Council gave Euro 40k to pay for TKB’s Conservation Management Report. In 2002, it gave further monies for a Conservation Report – the Carrig Report (sections of which are incorporated into the CMR without reference or mention in the bibliography). In addition, the Heritage Council hs just given a further Euro 40k for works to seal the exteriro envelope of the Cathedral. Although consitions -including for inspection- have been placed on the grant it remains to be seen if they are intended for real or are just typographical decoration.

The Heritage Council should, however, be mindful taht a grant of something in the region of Euro 250K made to the last “restoration” work on the Cathedral was expended on works which have in some cases accelerated the decay of the building rather than its conservation while in other cases has actually caused further decay to the faric of the building. Is it unreasonable to enquire if the Heritage Council satisfied itself in 1997 that the grant aid from public funds was correctly applied through useful and positive works?

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