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St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh Co. Cork.

Prxiteles fears that the story of the so called “conservation” and ” restortaion” of Cobh cathedral just get worse by the minute. It was an almight bags up of a job from top to bottom.

In the latest documentation which has come to praxiteles we leard that the services of a bulding consult were obtained in ERngland to ascertain where the water ingress on th sout arcade might be coming from. It was conducted by a firm called IBIS. The findings make for depressing reading.

Not only have we the problem of incompetent pointing and laziness leading to blocked gutters, it also looks as though the entire slating used in the new roof must be called into question.

It transpired that the dust falling from the walls of the south arcade was discovered to contain significant traces of sopper as well as salt. The question is: where could the copper have come from as there is little or none of it on the high levels of the Cathedral – except for the nails used to fix the new slates specially imported from Vermont. It appears that all of those nails hols have been expanding and are leaving in water. It appears that the type of slate material, its size and rough texture facilitate movement and deterioration around the nail holes which in turn leave in water which flows down inside the ceiling boards leaving them a nice green colour, and from there down onto the Bath stone cladding of the south arcade. Incerdibly, aftyer less than 20 years there is also significant slate loss on the roof as well.

Just what were these idiots up to?

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