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And this:

Book Launch: Douglas Richardson’s Canadian Churches: An Architectural History

Place: David Mirvish Books, 596 Markham Street, Toronto
Date: Tuesday, November 13
Time: 6-8 pm

Firefly Books & David Mirvish Books invite you to a Book Launch & Celebration

With every book purchased, receive a frameable poster. Refreshments will be served.

Editor’s Note: A much anticipated book from a favorite professor of Canadian architectural history, if you can’t go, you can order online from David Mirvish Books

Douglas Richardson was the man who published the seminal work on Irish neo-Gothic architecture in the early 1970s.

And some more detals:

Canadian Churches
An Architectural History

Peter Richardson and Douglas Richardson, photographs by John de Visser, R.C.A.

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imageFirefly Books
Canadian and US rights

Book Website

440 pages, 10″ x 11 1/2″
more than 400 color photographs and 100 architectural drawings, sidebars, index
EAN: 9781554072392
ISBN: [ 1554072395 ]
hardcover with jacket
85.00 CDN / 85.00 US

The first definitive guide to Canada’s most beautiful and significant churches.

In every city and town in Canada, churches stand as monuments to our spiritual, ethnic and architectural heritage. With as many styles as there are denominations of faith, these buildings tell the story of 250 years of immigrants bringing their Old World traditions into a New World landscape, and of how these traditions changed over time as the country moved west.

These magnificent buildings were constructed by many different denominations and in very different styles, but they all have in common the desire to create a lasting and suitable monument to their faith.

Canadian Churches: An Architectural History is the first definitive guide to more than 250 of the most beautiful and significant churches across the country. Peter Richardson and Douglas Richardson provide the history of each church, including its construction, subsequent alterations or additions, the early congregation, and any architectural details that make these churches unique and noteworthy.

Packed with more than 400 photographs, this book is as beautiful as it is informative. The authors have captured the essence of the buildings as well as the human drama and passion that led to their creation. The rich history and beauty bring a romance to the “architecture of religion” that will leave readers captivated, regardless of their faith.

Canadian Churches is a must for anyone interested in Canadian architecture, history and religion.

Peter Richardson is Emeritus Professor of the University of Toronto in the Department for the Study of Religion. His books include Building Jewish in the Roman East and Herod: King of the Jews and Friend of the Romans.

Douglas Richardson is Emeritus Professor of the University of Toronto in the Department of Fine Art. His books include The Open Gate: Toronto Union Station; Ontario Towns; and A Not Unsightly Building: University College and Its History.

John de Visser has over 50 books to his credit. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications.

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