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A couple of interesting ecclesiastical items from canada.

First this:

(It does not take too much to detect the influence of JJ McCarthy in that facade)

And the interior:

Some idea of the extent of the recent renovation can be gained from this link:

“Recycling keeps Landmark Church out of Landfill
Catherine Nasmith

There is something poetic about a community that has kept its landmark church out of the landfill by recycling stuff.

The village of Kinkora Ontario is very determined to keep its landmark church. The tiny crossroads farming community is graced by the presence of its cathedral scale St. Patricks Church, built in 1882, designed by the famous architect Joseph Connelly. The church is reminiscent of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Formosa in being extremely ambitious in scale for its community, as well as having been designed by the same architect. The Formosa church was the inspiration for the Ontario church in Jane Urquart’s novel The Stone Carvers. Such buildings take monumental effort to create.

Open to the public on September 29 there was an opportunity to share the beauty of the building but also the remarkable story of its restoration. In just five years a congregation of only 150 families, with just over 50 very active members has managed to raise 1.4 million dollars. Another $600,000 is needed to re-instate the spire that was removed a few years ago because it had become unstable.

Congregation member Pauline Bokkers spoke of the ongoing effort. “Our ancestors built us such a beautiful building…..we just had to find a way to save it.” When they started, it was with a roofing project that had been estimated at $600,000. As is often the case, once the construction started much more was needed.

The story of how the monies were raised is inspiring. In addition to community bake-sales and gala dinners the congregation began to collect as many recyclables as they could and sold them. This was the most lucrative of the projects, but took thousands and thousands of volunteer hours. Millions of pop cans have been collected; crushed one by one by a blind volunteer who took this on as the thing he could contribute. Newspapers by the thousands were collected. Another volunteer spent months tearing the covers off of all the discarded library books from towns within a hundred miles to capture the paper.

Hats off to Kinkora. Faith, commitment, determination, and perseverance have paid off. The project has not only strengthened the congregation, but the community all around”.

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