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Thanks again for taking the time to post all of these documents. They really do give great insight into the goings-on of the last few years, not least the indefatigability of the FOSCC members (and perhaps too the intransigence of the proponents).

As can be seen from the previous postings the Trustees of St. Colman’s attitude toward the FOSCC is one of contempt, a contempt which was clearly evident in Midleton at the Oral Hearing. The last paragraph of Canon Terry’s submission says it all, – The HCAC of the Cloyne Diocese when considering the Appeal to An Bord Pleanala considered ONLY the DoEHLG and don’t even mention An Taisce; the Irish Georgian Society; or the FOSCC. Despite the fact that the FOSCC Appeal dealt with every aspect of the case; Liturgical Requirement and lack thereof; improper planning procedures; good conservation practice and the cultural and social aspects of the case. The Trustees chose to ignore all these aspects and dealt exclusively with the question of the lifting and storage of mosaics.
If they get away with this farce then the Planning Act, in so far as it is for the protection of listed and important buildings, may as well be thrown out and as Noel O’Driscoll says in his summing up – get an office and a clerk and a rubber stamp, tell the church authorities that they are outside the law and can do what ever they wish with any of their structure and save everyone a lot of time and effort. All the church authorities have to do is set up their own committee (HCAC), get one of its members to write a document entitled ‘Liturgical Requirement’ , which the same committee will then approve, and away you go. no one in civil authority will question it. And perish the thought that they might seek verification of said document with the proper authority in these matters, i.e. the Holy See.
And to complete the circle, it was the Bishop of Cloyne and his buddy Fr. Paddy Jones who had a hand in writing the Guidelines in the first place – how convenient is that?

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