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The inclusion of Sts Clement and St Alphonsus in the apse design above would suggest a connection with the Redemptorists. Praxiteles is not inclined to think that it ios Limerick – though the inclusion of St Clement here would at fiorst sight suggest that (but we already know that Hodkingsons of Limmerick did that interior). Perhaps someone ,ight look at teh Redemptorist monastery in Belfast or perhaps in Dublin as alternative candidates.

Quite possibly Prax but as we have seen before these interiors would have been remodelled & redecorated a number of times..correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Fermoy firstly painted by Hodkingsons of Limerick & later reworked by Craftworkers of Dublin? I’m sure that many beautiful interiors were wiped out only to be replaced with different beautiful interiors by other contractors…until more recently of coarse when they were wiped out to be replaced with white gloss & magnolia emulsion..or if you were lucky a flourescent pink!

Apelles, Your perfectly right, many church interiors were redecorated in completley different decorative schemes throughout the years , some more ,and some less elaborate than the previous schemes. A recent restoration project in Limerick revealed three different elaborate decorative schemes in a side altar of the Redemptorist Church ,carried out between 1868 and 1942 each one completly obliterated the previous ,until finally being whitewashed in the 60’s, but now restored back to the original scheme of 1868 . The ‘ Early ‘ drawing of the Redemptorist Apse is definatley not St.Alphonsus church in Limerick, more probably dublin or dundalk. Early’s rarely worked in the decorative side of the business south of Dublin as Hodkinsons had established a strong business presence in the area from Sligo down to Cork and back up to Kildare.There was a friendly rivalry,and a mutual respect, between both businesses with each rarely venturing into the others territory. Of course , Earlys had a more varied business with their marble-works and stained glass business ,both areas into which Hodkinsons again rarely ventured , although they were agents for an English stained glass firm at one stage in their history. The decoration in Fermoy Parish Church may have been the only scheme as it remained in place for several decades.

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