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Design for marble and mosaic decoration for Mullingar Cathedral apse. Featuring mosaic of Christ’s ascension into heaven surrounded by the disciples and angels, with coloured marble panels below. Includes inscription, ‘Respondit Jesu Regnum Meum Non Est De Hoc Mundo’.

Annotated in pencil, ‘Design for Decoration of Apse in Marble & Mosaic. , ‘Scale 1/2″ = 1.ft.

Design for lunette for apse, featuring Christ enthroned against a cross and mandorla, holding the eucharest, surrounded by angels and a procession of saints at his feet. Inscription at foot of lunette reads, ‘omas Aq. S.Agustinius. S. Gregorius. B.Clementius. S.Alphonsus’, and ‘B.Ceradus. S.Franciscus. St Benedictus. S.Ignatius’ Partner to EC/193.

Coloured elevation, side elevation, vertical section and half plan for altarpiece, featuring carved statues of St Patrick and St Bridget in niches at either side. Also includes carved relief scenes of the last supper (on the base), and the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Crucifixion (centre), the Presentation in the Temple, and the Coronation of the Virgin.

Annotated in pen, ‘High Altar Convent of Mercy Loughrea. Material Caen stone. Shafts Irish marble. Altar table Sicilian marble Group subjects, last supper, annunciation, visitation, presentation in the temple, coronation and the Crucifixion. St Patrick and St Bridget’, ‘Side elevation’, ‘Elevation’, ‘inches, feet’, ‘No 1’, ‘Vertical section line YY’, ‘Half plan line AA’, ‘Half plan line’, and ‘Earley and Powells Dublin March 14th 1881’.

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