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That must have been quite an event.

A couple of thoughts on some of those papers.

Dr. Helen Diety’s ”Nuptial Meaning of Classic Church Architecture”.

Making cross-cultural connections can be a minefield.

Is it not true that when a new movement starts, it is nearly always wont to plunder elements from existing culture in order to bolster it’s credentials and compete for a following. An easily accessible example would be the Mormons, who’s founding text, Joseph Smith’s ‘Book of Mormon’ contains passages lifted from all kinds of sources, everything from the Bible to Shakespeare.

In this case, the borrowed tracts offer little that is inherent to an understanding of the new religious movement, and are unlikely to reveal much in forensic analysis, because they were lifted simply for their gravitas.

I suspect that something similar is going on with the early Christian architecture’s borrowings from the structures evolved for Jewish rites.

Mr. Ethan Anthony and his ‘Third Revival, New Gothic + Romanesque Catholic Architecture’: . . . . what would an inovator like Abbot Suger say to this man?

Professor Duncan G. Stroik’s assertion that ”All great works of art are a manifestation of God”, is going to be a tricky statement to stand up, unless we’re going to relax the definition of ‘manifestation of God’ to include lots of pretty profane stuff!

On Neil J. Roy’s paper, I have to admit that I know nothing of the liturgical significance of ‘The Galilee Chapel’, but having recently visited Durham Cathedral, I would agree that the presence of the Galilee Chapel at the west end in no way diminishes the impact of the original architectural intentions, and if anything, entering the great church through a nave aisle only heightens the impact of the gigantic pillars and makes the experience more intriguing and mysterious, some would probably say spiritual.

dodgy interior shot of the north aisle (entrance) of Durham, looking towards the Galilee chapel at the west end.

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